Golden Trick!

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Uther and Galahad are two con men are caught up in each other's lives while trying to escape the walled city they've both grown up in. Using their skills at both magic and pleasure, they might just be the first pair of people to make it out... Alive, anyway.

The original iteration of Golden Trick! ran as a monthly webcomic on the paysite Slipshine from 2011 to 2013 before being cancelled, but was brought back in 2017 for a second run, finishing off in 2019. While the 2011 version was solely by erotic author Nero Villagallos O'Reilly, this 2017 reboot's writing was helmed by the incomparable creator and heist-lover Iris Jay.

Brought to life by Kickstarter back in 2021, this book is the entirety of the rebooted story in one solid 7.75 x 10" volume. 240 thick, full color pages, a soft laminate cover, and fantastic interior design by EX Hye!

For audiences 18+ only.

This shop carries two variants: the regular, and the ink sketch version. If you are purchasing an ink sketch version, I will reach out to the email you use when ordering for your brief, one sentence request. Fulfillment for the ink sketch versions may take longer than the regular versions- please let me know if there is a deadline you need your copy by.

Shipped version is uncensored.