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"Crossed Wires is a joyous ride through the dark cyberpunk future that never was, reinvented for today's queer nerds. Exciting, absurd, and propulsive: it's the most fun I've had on the metanet since 1992!" - Margaret Trauth (Decrypting Rita)

"Each and every single one of [Iris] Jay's comic creations sounds like one of the greatest films that was never made, ever." - Jason Karlson (Bleeding Cool)

Alan, alias "Ultra Drakken", is a hotshot young hacker-- or at least he thinks he is. But when he crosses paths with mysterious cyber-activist Theresa (aka "Vrrmn"), he enters a world of danger and deceit. Can Drakken and Vrrmn save the grid? Can they even keep from terminating each other? 

240 pages, black and white. Includes chapters 0 and 1 of the ongoing webcomic series at, as well as guest art and process sketches. Signed by the author.